About Us

EIS is an innovative management consulting and solutions provider. We are a blend of established principles and innovative ideas, which is a product of our people and organizational culture. EIS leverages on its history and passion for solutions in order to provide significant value add to its worldwide market.


To deliver unique and creative solutions that will lead to tangible economic growth to any individual, business, practice or organisation; geared towards intellectual and operational enrichment. By meeting the client’s needs, we ensure value-adding and prosperity to our customer’s bottom line by promising to deliver and maintain high ethical standards whilst pursuing sound business practices. We give our clients a pleasant, satisfying and straightforward experience of using our services by following simple, streamlined processes and communicating in a way that they understand. The future of cosine is our clients and our profession. Driven by a clear vision of the future - for our clients, our business and our profession.


With our insight into future business trends and drivers along with the enabling features needed to support them, EIS has assimilated the most extensive consulting skills sets and capabilities in South Africa to deliver end to end knowledge services to the key sectors we operate in.


EIS's consulting capability extends beyond traditional business knowledge services.


At EIS quality comes FIRST. Employee knowledge enrichment programs at EIS ensure we deliver our promises.


We cater a one stop solution for your business requirements.


We are a team that knows how to deal with real attacks and test your company security.


We believe that great partnerships are founded on common goals and competitive solutions. We work together to ensure our customer’s success.